Welcome to the Village of Maven blog! Maven Inc. has created this blog to foster dialogue around issues affecting minority, women and small business owners, both in the Delaware Valley tri-state area, and nationally. In that regard, Maven takes its commitment to these businesses seriously, and is guided on a daily basis by the following principles:
  1. Political and community stakeholders should sponsor and/or be supportive of  policies that promote the growth and development of minority, woman and small local businesses;
  2. Large corporate citizens must have a role in the growth and development of minority, women in small locally owned businesses;
  3. Corporate citizens should be encouraged to develop mentor/mentee relationships with minority, women and small local businesses;
  4. Minority, women and small businesses should be committed to doing business with each other and in underserved communities;and
  5. Political stakeholders should promote policies which allow for the growth and development of businesses in the commercial corridors of minority and otherwise underserved communities.
Please stay tuned to the space for articles, essays and other written material which addresses issues reflected in the principles above. We greatly look forward to a continued dialogue with you!